Earth Day Awareness

The small changes that make a big difference! 

Once a year we give thanks to this beautiful rock we call home.  We appreciate another amazing sunrise and sunset like there is no end to their cycle. But what if there wasn't another sunrise, flower bloom, or waterfall? It's easy to give thanks and find appreciation for all that mother earth provides for us. You can take a look outside and you'll find a handful of things you're grateful to see before even leaving your backyard.

As you can see we all love this beautiful place we call home. Especially on Earth Day! The only thing is, earth day is only one day out of the year. See really, all the things we do the other 364 days of the year make up 99.9% of the impact we have on this planet. We get it though, life's always making it hard to consider old mother nature. That's why here at Nateen we've done things different to help the average person make an impact not just on earth day but for all 365 days of the year. 

Everyday here in just America hundreds of thousands of disposable diapers are thrown into the trash. Making up over 2% of the US landfill. Traditional diaper brands have done little to nothing to combat this issue, by continuing to use harsh chemicals and nonbiodegradable materials. Nateen on the other hand only sources Raw sustainable materials and make sure they are chemical free! Making our disposable diapers 80% biodegradable cutting down the time it stays in a landfill from 500 years to 50 years. 50 years is a long time still but we are aiming to always close the gap.

 So jump in and make a small change everyday that ends up making a big difference. Grab yourself either Nateen's Adult or Baby care products for 30% off today only and see the change!

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